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I am Sorina Tomulețiu, visual artist and freelance translator currently based in Sibiu, Romania.

I have been working professionally in the field of visual arts since 2013. After getting a master's degree in British Cultural Studies from the University of Bucharest and working for international theatre and documentary festivals, I realized that all I really wanted to do was to draw. So I became legally registered as a Certified Natural Person and I started my freelance career as a visual artist.

I haven’t had any formal art training but when I was 5 years old my mother signed me up for drawing classes at the Children’s Club, a state-funded place where you could learn arts & crafts for free. There I became a member of PATA, a children’s group focused on Graphic Art and Painting, which, I later came to realize, represented my building block as an artist.

PATA group

I create artworks ranging from illustration to street art. By using a combination of multiple techniques and artistic mediums (markers, watercolors, ink, acrylics, oils, charcoal etc) I portray fantastical characters in surreal settings, creatures with a black sense of humour and allegorical landscapes, which make up a vibrantly coloured universe. The individual’s relationship to the space he/she inhabits (or the lack thereof), solitude, dislocation and the importance of freedom of speech are the main themes tackled in my work.

All the things that I’ve learned, I’ve learned to do myself. So far, I've had four solo exhibitions and a group exhibition in Sibiu, I illustrated covers for academic books, I created posters for various cultural events in Sibiu, I launched a series of bookstore products that can be found in all Humanitas bookstores in Romania, I held street art workshops for children, I have made political art and protest art, I have taken commissions and I have created street art installations. All these, as a freelance artist. And as a woman. In a country where culture is shoved in the backseat with little to no support from the state authorities. Follow my Projects page for updates on my current work.

For questions, commissions, collaboration proposals or suggestions, drop me an e-mail at info@sorinatomuletiu.ro.

I would love to hear from you!



  • 29 October 2022 - participation with the story of project Bessarabia within the workshop ”Living Library” held during the Festival for Gender Equality in Sibiu organized by the non-governmental association A.L.E.G.

  • 19 June - 3 July 2022 - multimedia exhibition Bessarabia at the German Cultural Center in Sibiu within the Platform for Visual Arts (PAV) @ FITS 2022 (PAV is initiated by the artist Dan Perjovschi and curated by Iris Ordean as a connected lumbung event of documenta15)

  • 29 August - 15 September 2021 - third solo exhibition "Short documentation on the Mother Ship" at arta.nonstop, Independent Art Space, in Sibiu, Str. Tribunei, no. 13, open 24/7 

  • 22 October 2020 - a talk with artist Dan Perjovschi about gender (in)equality in the art world during the Gender Equality Festival

  • 2-4 October 2020 - first group exhibition and first participation at the White Night of the Galleries at NOOK, a co-working space NOOK in Sibiu, Romania.

  • August 2019 - participation at Street Delivery Sibiu #2 with ”The visionboard of uncommon idioms” (painted plywood panel)

  • April 2019 – illustrations for a political project – Documentary "Belina" by Passport Productions - watch it here (there are 3 episodes, I made one illustration for each of them)

  • 15 September – 15 December 2018 – second solo exhibition - “Clones. Art without Glass” at the Deutsches Kulturzentrum in Sibiu, Romania

  • June 2018 – street art workshop for children and personal street art intervention – Street Delivery Sibiu #1

  • May 2018 – Main visuals for ESTE Film Festival – Sibiu, Romania

  • December 2017 – Xmas product series for “Made in Sibiu”, PR campaign for local artisans

  • October 2017 – Street art installation for the community street art festival, “Giants of Pantelimon” organized by Make a Point in Bucharest, Romania

  • September 2017 – vendor booth at Sibiu International Comics Festival

  • June 2017 – bookstore product launch for Humanitas bookstore chain in Romania

  • November 2016 – registered as Certified Natural Person

  • July 2nd – July 31st, 2016 – first solo exhibition - “Bestiary” at Habitus Bookstore, Sibiu, Romania

  • 2015-2016 – illustrations for various articles published in the Capital Cultural Magazine

  • December 2015 – illustration for the cover of the book “Knowledge, Selves, Virtues. Cross-disciplinary Studies in Early Modern Literature, Philosophy and Science” by Prof. Sorana Corneanu, PhD, published by the University of Bucharest Publishing House