Everybody loves stickers! I created my first stickers in 2017 after my first solo exhibition, Bestiary, at the now-defunct Habitus bookshop. I thought it would be cool to make some promo materials that could be sold in the bookshop. That's how I ended up creating a whole product line for bookshops with bookmarks, postcards and stickers available in all Humanitas bookshops in Romania.

I chose a series of drawings, I scanned them and created the files to be printed at a specialized company. I came back with rolls of vinyl stickers which I had to manually cut once I got home. Hint: if you ever want to print stickers, ask the company to also cut them out for you. They may say 'no' if the stickers are small but you must insist.

Stickers are really popular especially with teenagers who collect them directly from the streets. That's how I found out that my stickers were appreciated... I noticed that they were gone very fast from the city center, more so around highschools. I was receiving messages from friends in the vein of "I just went past some girls trying to take off one of your stickers."

An ingenious way to spread your art and enter into a conversation with other street artists is to stick'em up wherever you go. I would take my stickers on any trip so I managed to spread them around Sibiu, Cluj, Bucharest, Arad, Vienna, Amsterdam, Deventer, Berlin, Frankfurt, London and Prague and my friends began sending me photos with TOM stickers that they stuck on vacation. Those were the best souvenirs.

The next step was making stickers that I could stick on magnetic tape for the MADEinSB project. That's how the veggie monsters were born, a limited edition of magnets. Once again, I had to cut hundreds of stickers myself.

For "Giants of Pantelimon" I printed three giant stickers which were placed on a garage alongside my letter installation.

There are street art festivals around the world that are looking for artists and request sticker packs which they incorporate on panels. I found out about Wandelism Berlin from a friend who urged me to answer a call for artists. I sent a sticker pack which appeared in 2018 on a panel at Wandelism festival. Find the TOM sticker!


An here's why I am writing this article. Alternative Bucharest invited me to take part in Bucharest Stickerz Fest in April and has launched a call for sticker artists. I might prepare 2 more stickers for this event. So if you make stickers and want to take part in the first festival dedicated to street art in Romania, go find them on FB.


You can buy TOM stickers at Humanitas bookstores and at NOOK in Sibiu, Bd. Victoriei nr. 22.

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sticker pack